Friday, August 24, 2007

Hurricane in Schaumburg?

Well, not exactly a hurricane I guess (never been in a hurricane) but the winds reached up to 75 MPH. They aren’t calling it a tornado either, but all the damage says otherwise. I was in the Staples store when the fury of the storm hit. (I thought I could run out quickly for printer ink before it rained). It wasn’t long before it was raining in the store from the roof leaking. After a few minutes, I decided I’d leave – what could happen? – I’d maybe rust?

The stop light where I came into the center was now not working – OK – that happens. But as I drove toward home (only about ½ mile) I came upon a section of someone’s fence across the road. Several other similar fences had sections blown over/out. The tree on the corner into my subdivision was split and partially blown over. The squirrels nest in the tree outside our patio door had blown down and several branches from the willow tree across the pond had split and blown down. Needless to say, the pond was out of its banks on both sides. This morning the squirrel wanted to come in, but I had to tell him no……gave him a handful of peanuts and told him to start building again!

I went to the store this morning and saw MUCH more damage in our area. A tree about 100 yds. from the front of Staples was uprooted and the stoplight there was blown over. Many trees had broken branches and I saw an evergreen snapped off at the bottom. One yard with large trees seemed to be particularly hard hit – debris and branches were everywhere. I understand many basements were flooded. The Jewel store I went to had one of its windows blown in/out.

The sun is shining now, but more rain is predicted for later today………….oh JOY. I just hope whoever displeased God has repented and asked for forgiveness…………oops - maybe it was me.


Anonymous Grace said...

I guess you were quite lucky to be in the store and not on the way home! Things weren't quite that bad down south here. There were flooded streets that I had to drive through today going to Orland but I didn't see any damage. Maryann also said I wonder what God is mad at?? But yet we are quite lucky compared to other states and theire storms. So let's be thankful for that.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

It was Me he was mad at. I talked to him & he said "All is Forgiven" It could have been worse. Thanks for YOUR help. LyMy
Bob "Not Rob"

2:35 PM  

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