Monday, March 05, 2007

Me, Myself & Bob

Me, Myself & Bob

Those of you who know me well know – I don’t like to read! I know that’s unbelievable for some of you who read everything they get their hands on. I think it’s because that while I CAN read, I read very slowly and have a hard time retaining what I read. My mind seems to wander even though I’m seeing the words.

I just finished reading Me, Myself & Bob by Phil Vischer – the story of the creator of Veggie Tales. I guess I was interested because of my love for Veggie Tales themselves……and I liked the title and the picture on the book! I had read about it in a magazine someplace. It just came out this past January.

I read the book in a week – probably a record for me.

Veggie Tales were created by Phil Vischer who grew up and still lives in the Chicago area. Coming from a highly religious family, he saw this as his calling – his ministry. It’s kinda fun to see how he developed his ideas into talking vegetables. Even though I have seen (and own) a lot of Veggie Tales, I learned lots of things about their development....and why they don’t have arms and legs!

Those of you that know the story already know that while Veggie Tales were/are a great success, Big Ideas Productions, the company that produced them since 1999 went bankrupt in 2003. The videos are still being produced, but by a company in Tennessee called Big Ideas,Inc. Same ideas, similar name – different owners.

As I look back, I’m surprised that I actually read every word of this book. From start to finish, there are a lot of business details that I wasn’t interested in, yet I kept reading. There were a LOT of details about the equipment needed to produce the animation, the people hired to do the work, business dealings…………..boring stuff. Still I read on. Now that I’ve finished the book, I see the necessity of knowing all those details that comprised the dreams of Phil Visher.

I am now reading the last 3 chapters for the 3rd time. It took over 200 pages to get to the real reason God wanted me to read this book.

I don’t want to spoil it for you readers, but please – READ THIS BOOK! I don’t think you will be sorry. It's a true story about dreams, God and talking vegetables. I think we can all learn a lesson from this book.


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