Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Well, I guess the biggest NON-EVENT of the year was the lack of Cicadas in the Schaumburg area. Never saw a one – at least not where we live. Just last week I heard one (?) in a tree nearby, but never saw one…………not even any evidence - like holes in the ground – layers of exoskeletons – ear splitting sound - or beady eyed bugs climbing the trees!

I guess Brookfield Zoo had layers of cicadas which was great for their animals – free food! In some places the seagulls were causing a nuisance trying to get to their tasty treats. A nearby Kiddie Park had so many that visitors were swatting them away and kids were screaming all over the place!

Word has it that the “invasion” is over. I am so disappointed. I was even collecting recipes for Cicadas......not sure I would have ever made any of them, but I’m told they are quite tasty. Jim would have NEVER tried them!

I did find one hitching a ride on someone’s clothes at church yesterday in Des Plaines. When Jim picked it up off the ground (where it had been swatted by someone not as excited about the bugs as I was) it hummed – not the noise we expected – more muted. I put it in a plastic cup and talked to it all the way home. I asked it if it had fulfilled it’s purpose, and was it good for him………… It even survived in the hot car while we went to a restaurant for Father’s Day dinner. I was surprised and impressed that it was still alive, so when we got home, I let it go in a rose bush. When I looked later, it was gone so I assume it was still able to fly away…………..

Maybe 2024 will be our year to see and hear the next batch…………………….

I’ll only be 85!


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