Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They Finally Hatched !!!

The Praying Mantis egg case finally hatched. Although I've had egg cases in the past, this is the latest I've ever had them hatch. (June 14th). This is also the first time I actually saw the little bugs emerge from the cacoon. They look like little kernals of rice - all hanging onto each other. After about 6 have "crawled" out of the egg they stretch their legs and just walk away. They are all curled up like human babies when they first come out. It takes a few seconds for them to uncurl. It's really fascinating to watch. The babies are only about a quarter of an inch long. Hopefully they will stick around and eat the bad bugs on my plants!


Blogger Marc Rader said...

Congrats. I can use some of them now. I have aphids on my roses. I would spray there, but that is where a buch of my mantids were released.

9:58 AM  

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