Saturday, August 12, 2006

God Told Me To Post This.......

It isn’t bad enough that I have to drive a 15 year old beater car,(91 Dodge Caravan) but it seems I’m putting money into it every other week. This week I had to have a $350 brake repair – and that was only part of what is actually needed – it’s just that it was all we could afford. The tow to the mechanic was $85 by itself. (Increase in gas prices!) We couldn’t drive the car there because the rear brake lines had broken so it had no brakes at all. What a joy.

On our way to church on Thursday Jim & I were discussing that God was going to have to do something for us in the way of a vehicle soon – we were using money for repairs that really needed to go other places and my car is getting to be not safe to drive. Jim said I should start praying for what kind of a car I wanted God to give me to drive. Jim is a firm believer that you should pray specifically...make , model, equipment,even color. I said all I wanted was something that ran – I didn’t care how old it was or what it looked like – just so it was yellow!! (That’s a whole other story). The biggest miracle that God was going to have to pull off was to supply the money for a car, or provide a car in another miraculous way.

THEN – about 3 blocks from our destination (Bible Study at church) – a lady pulled out of a side street and smacked right into the back of us! We were in the inside lane and tried to avoid being hit, but it just wasn’t to be. No one was hurt. There was minor damage to the rear fender, but as Jim pointed out, even minor damage is expensive. We don’t have collision on our beater, so whatever happens, we will drive it the way it is.

OK - now God - It's up to you. I'm waiting for the miracle.

The damage to the car was not significant so we took the insurance money and repaired the broken distributer cap and other minor things. We didn't otherwise have the money to do this, so we consider the accident and resulting insurance payment as a blessing. God is Good!


Blogger Marc Rader said...

if you ask for "yellow" and runs, you may end up with a 1980 Chevy Citation. Watch waht you ask for, you just might get it.

9:24 AM  

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