Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Magicicada - They're Coming!!!

For 17 years they’ve hidden themselves deep in the dirt, just eating! I’d like to think that while there in the dark, Brood XIII of the genus Magicicada was trying to compose the proper song they will sing to us – and their future mates - for the next month or so.

After gorging themselves on the tender tree roots they finally decide to emerge and see what’s happened in the last decade and half! Have Cicada fashions changed? (No still shades of brown and gold). Eye shadow still has to compliment their beady big red eyes. At least their exoskeletons are biodegradable so the conservationists don’t have to start picketing for them to “go green”.

I’ve been looking for the little critters ever since we were given the May 22 emergence date, but apparently the ground in Schaumburg is just not warm enough. I am a little concerned about a new hibiscus “tree” I have in a pot, but it won’t live long enough for me to worry about, especially since the roots couldn’t possibly support any kind of life for the next 17 years!!! These amazing creatures actually don’t eat anything other than tree roots. They don’t sting, bite or annoy - except that they are there – millions of them! I understand the dogs, cats and birds love them and they are tasty fried in garlic butter.

There’s been some discussion about why the 17 years. I guess after that long they are more interested in sex than food. Who wouldn’t be? Seems like a takes a long time to figure that out.

I didn’t know that the Periodical Cicadas don’t all come out at the same time. A local map indicates the Midwest will be the area inundated for several weeks in June 2007. What a joy for all those outdoor weddings, graduations and BBQ’s. I guess I’ll be wearing shoes most of the time this year.

Well, time to go out and check for holes in the ground……the first sign that they have arrived. It will still be about 3 days later that we find out if their new song is any good, or just sounds like a lawnmower!


Blogger Marc Rader said...

Take some pictures and post them, I have never experienced the brood.

I have six hibiscus from the pod that I grabbed at Todd's. We will see how they do.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Judie said...

I'll post a "Real" picture as soon as I find some Cicadas! Now it's cold here again! JA

7:56 AM  

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